Teachers Guide
The guide will be focused on using robots like an innovative tool to enhance students’ motivation towards the study of ESTEAM subjects, improve their basic and transversal skills, art design and promote gender equality.

  • 1. The construction of the robot
  • 2. Programming the robot
  • 3. Learning of content based on hands-on experiences
  • 4. Methodology for teaching ESTEAM in I-VET schools using robots to involve I-VET students in the learning process, to develop transversal skills (i.e., creativity, innovative and critiical thinking, problem solving, team working, resilience, self-confidence, etc.), to integrate women and promote gender equality in ESTEAM subjects.
  • 5. Effective use of robots and transnational cooperation to promote the ESTEAM knowledge

WEBSITE and SOCIAL PROFILES of the project
The project website will contain the following sessions:

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    > Training materials section
    > News
    > Dissemination
    > Training – national and international
    >  Robots challenge
    > Links to Social Media pages

To increase collaboration among I-VET institutions and educational authorities to use the robots in lessons to enable students make their own creations through playful learning experiences applying ESTEAM concepts. Each partner will commit 20 I-VET teachers and trainers , 24 I-VET students,1 public authority


Mobile Robot devices: building and programming using robotics methodology.
Each partner will select 5  I-VET TEACHERS or  TRAINERS for a sort term join staff training transnational training experience in Biella-Italy.
During the 3 days training experience I- VET teachers and trainers will test the contents of the guide, they will receive training and will participate in demonstrations/study visits and attend workshops.
The training will be oriented to Arduino, electronics and programming and in how to promote the use of robotic methodology and robots in lessons to enable I-VET students to understand ESTEAM challenging subjects, encourage them to develop key and transversal competences and make their own creations through playful learning experiences applying ESTEAM concepts, promoting gender equality and inclusion



VET STUDENTS  will participate in two training experiences during the development of the project, the first one in each participant country and the second one in Spain.
Each partner will select 20 students paying particular attention to vulnerable groups, promoting equality between women and men, combating discrimination, promoting tolerance to fight against poverty and social exclusion.

-The first one "National robot challenge: driving, dancing and avoiding obstacles" students will assemble a robot and use programming tools to make the robot drive, avoid obstacles and dance. The winner team will participate in the second training experience

-The second one blended mobility for VET students "International Robots Challenge: driving, dancing and avoiding obstacles" in Spain

I-VET students will work in teams of 7 I-VET students each one form each participant country. Each partner will select 5 students and 2 teachers.

Final International Dissemination Conference about "Mobile robot devices and ESTEAM concepts in I-VET classrooms" in Romania at the end of the project with the participation of all the partnership, I-VET teachers, I-VET students, public authorities, enterprises, social partners.. for promoting the project results and activities

Creation of a robot club in each country and 2 international robots challenges after the financial period.