''Dugo Selo'' High School was established in 2002.near our capital city Zagreb, Croatia. We now have over 780 students and 79 staff members (67 teachers). 195 of those 780 students, who are currently involved in a non-vocational education, are preparing for the state graduation exams and, eventually, will enrol into a University of their choice.

High School 'Dugo Selo'

Address: Ferenčakova 25
10370 Dugo Selo, Croatia

Tel: +385 01/2756-000

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Dugo Selo

The town covers an area of 51 km² and it consists of numerous settlements. The summit of the hill Martin Breg is situated in the northern part of the town. Dugo Selo is usually considered an exurb of Zagreb. It is also a part of Zagreb metropolitan area.

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The teaching staff experiences daily professional training, both in professional and the scientific fields, which is mainly organized by the National Agency of Education. In our school, we use e-register as we have introduced information and communication technology in the teaching process. Every teacher in our school has their own iPad. The school is equipped with computer equipment, and there are specialized technological classrooms with video-conferencing equipment.
Mission of the school is to follow new technologies, discoveries and knowledge in science, arts and sports, and through mutual respect and teamwork to achieve positive changes in families and in the local community. Through active and cooperative learning, we try to enable students to acquire knowledge, skills and competencies required for the labour market or for continuing their education.
Our vision is that ‘’Dugo Selo’’ high school becomes a modern school in the region which will be a measure of quality. With an innovative, creative, flexible and professional approach we want our students to acquire the knowledge and social awareness for better quality of life.


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