During five days, from 13th to 17th May, 35 students and 10 teachers participated actively in an International Robots Competition, with the objective of training students on the use of the robotics multidisciplinary educational framework, to understand ESTEAM challenging subjects, encourage them to develop transversal skills and key competences such as digital competences, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving learning to learn.

On the first day, after the presentations of each student, the partners distributed the Kit Components (Arduino, motors, sensors, electronic components, welder kit and others) to each team and they started to assembly the robot. At the end each team assembled a Robot successfully.

On the second day, the students participated in a workshop on robots control and after that each team made the first tests on their robots.

On the third day, the obstacle competition took place: the students programmed their robots to go thought a labyrinthine path and exit in the shortest time possible. It was an awesome competition, where the students competed but they also helped each other.

Fourth day was the follow line competition where each robot followed a black line and completed a lap of the circuit in the shortest time possible. One more time, the students competed but they had a lot of fun and, of course, some teams received help from the others students.

Dance competition was on the last day. Each team programmed their robots creativity to make a choreography for a song with 1 minute.

After the competitions, the students received certificates and awards.  

The students experienced, learnt and improved basic skills, languages skills, transversal skills and, of course, they made a lot of new friends across Europe.


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